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Alexa Foreman

Director | Producer | Writer | Researcher



Alexa Foreman has used her skills as a researcher and producer primarily at Turner Classic Movies for over 20 years - starting with the launch of the network in 1994. While there, she was an integral part of TCM, which specialized in airing uncut and commercial free classic movies - the channel earning a Peabody in the process. She worked with Robert Osborne and Ben Mankiewicz on a daily basis, and when someone couldn't find some information or needed to know how many Oscar nominations a film had earned, or how many husbands Elizabeth Taylor had, she was the go-to-gal.


She has worked with Meryl Streep, John Gielgud, Anthony Hopkins, Gregory Peck, Claire Bloom and other notables on assembling Star of the Month pieces, and interviewed 7 of the original Munchkins for her documentary Memories of Oz. In addition, she has interviewed over 100 stars, directors, writers and editors for the TCM Archival Project.


She is author of Women in Motion, published in 1983, and co-author of In The Picture: Production Stills from the TCM Archives from 2004, as well as contributor to Leading Ladies, Leading Men and Leading Couples.


She graduated with Honors in Film and English from Hollins University. After college, she managed the American Film Institute's theater in Washington, D.C., and the Rhodes Theater in Atlanta.


Alexa most recently served as a research assistant for the book, All That Heaven Allows: A Biography of Rock Hudson by Mark Griffin.  Published by HarperCollins in 2018, the book was named one of the year's best of Sight and Sound and Kirkus Reviews. All that Heaven Allows is now moving into production as a feature film to be directed by Greg Berlanti. 


Currently she is back at TCM as a freelance researcher, and has written, directed and produced a documentary entitled Scandal: The Trial of Mary Astor, which concerns actress Mary Astor and her 1936 fight to gain custody of her daughter. As of 2021 she is also writing a book on Robert Osborne, and developing two new documentary films.

The documentary premiered at the TCM Film Festival in Los Angeles in April 2018. It has since been screened at the Hollywood Heritage Museum, and been accepted as an Official Selection at both the Dallas Film Festival and the Sedona Film Festival. 

Scandal had its television premiere on January 6, 2020 on TCM,

and is currently licensed to the network.

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